Japanese Pastry Master Class! -Ashiya Roll and Flower Chiffon Cake- by Chef Kobayashi & Chef Tounaka


About The Class

For the first time in Singapore, join two-chefs 4 hands classes, Chef Tounaka and Chef Kobayashi's Full Day Hands-on Masterclass on Japanese style Roll Cake(Ashiya Roll) and Flower Chiffon that are delicious and stunning. The Ashiya Roll cake's cream is very milky taste and juicy sponge yet very light. The cake is absolutely popular among the local of Ashiya(Cozy Neighborhood of Kobe in Japan) who are very particular about the taste. The flower chiffon is so-called " Angel's Chiffon". Covered with Hokkaido fresh cream and flower is totally different from chiffon cake that you usually have. The secrets of Japanese pastry techniques are no longer secrest after you take this master class!

Attendees can choose to take full day master class to learn both recipe or either one. Check the schedule from ticket type.


– Ashiya Roll Cake

– Flower Chiffon Cake

What you can learn at the class

(Ashiya roll cake)

– Making Ashiya roll cake sponge from scratch

– Making Ashiya roll's freshly cream

– Assembling of Ashiya roll an its cream

(Flower Chiffon Cake)

– Making so-called angel's Chiffon cake sponge from scratch

– Making flower Chiffon's freshly cream

– Decoration of Flower Chiffon

What’s included in the ticket fee?

Class fee, ingredients, apron on loan, and recipe.


The class will be conducted in Japanese with English translation.

Please bring along a cooler and ice pack to bring back the cakes home.

For hygiene purposes, please remove rings and bracelets during the classes.

About Chef Kobayashi and Chef Tonaka

About Chef Fumiaki Kobayashi

A head pastry chef and owner of Atelier Orange. Chef Kobayashi was trained in Tsuji Culinary Institute, a well-known & respected culinary institute in Osaka, Japan. He worked at various patisseries around Japan and France. Started his career at Anniversary in Mie where he was a chief pasty for 5 years, then moved to France, there he worked for one Michelin star restaurant in Alsace, Au Bon Accueil and ARNAUD LARHER in Paris. After working for The Georgian Club and Bistro D'arbre in Tokyo, he opened own Patisserie Atelier Orange in Mie-Prefecture in the year 2005. The patisserie quickly became a popular.

シェフ 小林 史明
アトリエオランジェオーナー・ヘッドペイストリーシェフ。 辻調理専門学校卒業校、 三重県松坂市「アニバーサリー」にてチーフパティシエとして5 年間勤務、 フランスアルザスの1 つ星レストラン、 パリのレストラン「オーボンナクイユ」、 パティスリー「アルノー・ラレール」にて2 年間、 東京「ザ・ジョージアクラブ」、Bistro D'arbreにて修行を積む。
2005年、アトリエ オランジェを オープン。 2008年、カフェド オランジェ モンクール オープン。「 味」「カタチ」「香り」「音」「食感」この素敵な感動をお届けしたいと いう思いから、 商品ひとつひとつ、一期一会のおもてなしに心を込めて取り組ん でおります。オランジェの哲学 ”感動溢れ五感を味わえるアートスィーツをお客様へ”

Atelier Orange WEB: http://www.atelier-orange.com/

About Chef Hideo Tounaka

Owner and head chef of Ashiya Roll (T T coffer). His career started from fashion industry then he jumped into food and beverage industry followed by his passion and had career in the industry included Dojima Roll. He then first opened Ramen restaurant, after success of Ramen restaurant that got several awards, he decided to open his own pastry shop. Since its open of 2013, it has been gained its popularity and fame.

シェフ 當仲 英生

Ashiya Roll (T T coffer)ヘッドパティエ兼オーナー

ファッション業界出身の當仲は食への情熱から飲食の世界へキャリア転身をする。飲食の世界での出発はラーメン。 数々の賞を得た自身のブランドのラーメン店での成功に導いた後、洋菓子業界に進出。 堂島ロールで修行を積む。 現在は自身のAshiya Roll (T T coffer)を2013年、芦芦屋にオープン。 瞬く間に芦屋マダム御用達のブランドとなる。

Ashiya Roll (T T coffer) WEB:http://www.ashiyaroll.com/

Terms & Conditions

-Copyright of photos and video shooting taken by Spoonful (Alchemist Pte Ltd) and its partners during the event will belong to Spoonful. Spoonful has the right to use the photos and video shooting for PR and marketing purpose.

-The event organizer “Spoonful (Alchemist Pte Ltd)” is not responsible for any personal food allergy. Each attendee must take his/her own responsibility for any allergy.

-Spoonful will notify 3 days prior the event day to all the attendees if the event has to be cancelled.

-There will be no refund unless the event itself is cancelled.

-Spoonful will send future events or promo info to attendees e-mail address after the event.

Sun Oct 22, 2017
11:00 AM - 5:30 PM SGT
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Origins of Food, One Farrer Hotel & Spa
Sat, 21st Oct(14:30-17:30)/Flower Chiffon Cake Only SOLD OUT $129.00
Mon, 23rd Oct(10:30-17:00) 1 day master class SOLD OUT $240.00
Mon, 23rd Oct(14:00-17:00)/Flower Chiffon Cake Only SOLD OUT $129.00
Mon, 23rd Oct(10:30-13:30)/Ashiya Roll Cake Only SOLD OUT $129.00
Tue 24th Oct (10:30-17:00) 1 day master class SOLD OUT $240.00
Tue, 24th Oct (10:30-13:30) Flower Chiffon Cake Only SOLD OUT $129.00
Tue, 24th Oct (14:00-17:00_ Ashiya Roll Only SOLD OUT $129.00
Venue Address
One Farrer Park Road Singapore
1 min walk from Exit C, MRT Farrer Park Station